Financing Options

At REGENCare, we offer a variety of financial options for you to choose from, as stem cell treatments aren't covered by insurance yet. The payment options include a care credit, loan financing, and credit card payments. These different options are all ways you can invest in your health to get the stem cell treatment needed to get you back to doing the things you love!

We offer the following payment options for your convenience:

  • GreenSky — GreenSky is a leading company in the consumer finance marketplace specializing in many different Loan options and Patient credit. We offer the following options: 
    1. No interest if paid in full within 12 months. 66 payments. Beginning with 1st transaction, 12 month promo period with initial payments followed by 54 amortized payments based on balance at the end of the promo period. Interest charged to account is waived if entire purchase balance is paid before the end of promo period. Making initial minimum required monthly payments will not pay off loan. No prepayment penalty. 26.99% APR fixed for life of loan.
    2. Fixed payment / reduced APR for 63 months. 63 month loan. 2 month purchase window. You will have no payments due for the first three months following approval of the loan. Two months after approval, 60 amortized payments at fixed 7.99%- 16.99% (based on creditworthiness) based on the balance 3 months after approval. No prepayment penalty.
To learn more about greensky, click on the link below:
Provider ID: 51006511 or contact their patient solutions team at 844-810-7713.


RegenCare has put together extensive research to support the safety of our therapies.



Our regenerative therapies are so successful that our patients openly tell their health stories and share their personal experience.

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