How Regenerative Medicine Works

We believe in using regenerative medicine treatments and comprehensive methods to help our patients experience a turnabout in their health.


Our regenerative medicine treatments utilizes regenerative medicine to encourage tissue healing throughout affected areas. REGENCare utilizes regenerative medicine allografts, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field technology to stimulate and exercise the cells and address cellular dysfunction and support overall wellness, Shockwave Therapy to promote regeneration and repair of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues, Georgia’s First PRISM Light Pod which uses specific wavelengths of light that pass through layers of skin and interact within the body to stimulate regrowth and repair, IV Hydration which provides the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids your body needs, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy which can significantly increase the concentration of circulating stem/progenitor cells within the peripheral circulation system, and more. We may be able to help in orthopedic conditions, like osteoarthritis, meniscus and cartilage tears, tendinitis, joints and back pain, inflammation, hair restoration, skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments.

When choosing the route of regenerative medicine, we must look at the body as an entire system and treat your overall health, not just the area of concern. Combining the right stem cell regenerative medicine treatment with advanced wellness therapies and the right supplements, patients notice the best results overall, not just on the treated area, but more energy, better sleep, mental clarity, and a stronger immune system. We always offer continued care, and if any of our patients are not improving, our Doctors is available to conduct a thorough exam to determine a different route of care. We never want patients to feel like their money was not invested properly. We are a results driven practice and our goal is for all patients to experience amazing care and health improvement.

Please call our office or email us so we can determine how we can help you feel better: 678-430-3039 or

Science that benefits everybody starts with understanding the power of regenerative medicine.

As your body loses its ability to repair itself, REGENCare regenerative medicine allografts  may help supplement, cushion and provide support right where it’s needed. Whether you’re 18 or 68, it’s about aiding your ideal regenerative environment in the least invasive or disruptive way possible.

As part of our regenerative medicine protocols procedure,  we encourage patients to do wellness therapies to help expedite healing and minimize inflammation. We are proud to offer state of the art therapies such as Georgia’s only Prism Light Pod, Advanced PEMF Therapy, oxyhealth hyperbaric oxygen therapy and shockwave therapy. For patients that live too far from our office or out of state, we are happy to have our patient support coordinator work with you to find the best therapies in your area that you can do throughout this healing process. 

We cooperate with the medical community to provide options; when a steroid shot or ibuprofen isn’t enough but surgery feels like a leap, there’s the option of regenerative medicine. And even when surgery is necessary, REGENCare is there with products that may support tissue repair and recovery. It’s a full-circle view that’s patient-focused and bound to a higher standard. Refreshing, right?

Regenerative Medicine May Help People That Suffer From The Following:

Modern technology to create a natural, noninvasive complement to overall greater wellness.

Cutting-edge Regenerative Medicine Allografts

Regenerative Medicine Allografts utilize the body’s stem cells, cytokynes, growth factors, hyaluronic acids and other components, to encourage tissue healing.

A Different Approach

When you contact us for a free consultation we will set aside dedicated time with one of our world-class, professionally trained regenerative medicine specialists so that you can ask any questions, give you a very in-depth overview on how regenerative medicine works, examine your past medical history and conduct a thorough case review to determine if you may be a candidate for regenerative medicine.

It’s this understanding that allows us to create vital human cell and tissue products (HCT/P) that can work for and with the body.

Regenerative Medicine Experts

Our experienced staff at REGENCare aims to bring you the most up-to-date research, innovative ways to heal the body and cutting-edge medicine. We believe in not only focusing on your specific area of concern, but treating our patients with a holistic whole body approach to improve your overall health.

Inner Healing

Each member of the REGENCare team is dedicated to empowering patients to take charge of their health by providing them with the tools they need to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. From our allograft injections, to our immunity boost IV therapy, to our adjunctive therapies tailored to specific individual needs, to our supplement, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, we are confident that our treatment and staff will meet and exceed your expectations. When you become a patient of ours, we treat you like family, so your satisfaction is important to us.

We like to think of regenerative medicine as cooperative medicine: a way of working with the care continuum and your body.

Natural Healing Ability To Repair Damage

We are a “one stop wellness shop” and will continue to offer you even additional therapies and special programs that you can take advantage of that may help boost your immunity and make you feel years younger. We will provide you with the resources to always stay up-to-date on available services but please do not hesitate to inquire further and contact us for more details and guidance.


RegenCare has put together extensive research to support the safety of our therapies.



Our regenerative therapies are so successful that our patients openly tell their health stories and share their personal experience.

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