Curtis Larson – Ankle and foot pain southern stem cell institute

“I used to feel like my feet and ankles belonged to someone else. The pain is all gone – completely gone. (It’s been) 8 to 10 years that I’ve been working on that. The next day after the needle went in there, the next morning, they felt better. Immediately.

For 8 or 10 years, I had to have my feet out of from under the covers. And now, I can roll over on my side and curl up with my feet. And almost every night, I say thank you to the busy body cells. It’s almost as if though, well, in fact, I talk to them.

The beautiful part about it is that, when they see me going down the halls in my house (assisted living), with no cane, no walker, they’re thinking: you’re faking, there’s nothing wrong with that guy.

Yesterday, and the day before, I forgot my cane and went into the doctor’s office without my cane and it was amazing how well I maneuvered. It’s beyond thinking it might be placebo, because it’s real. It was the 15th (when I got my injection), so it’s been 30 days.

When you fight it for 10 years, and you’re finally getting improvement and help that continues to improve, (then) so like I said, I’m real thankful.”

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